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December 2015: A Message from Our Managing Director - Greg Kirk

I know, it was certainly not a wonderful year for everyone, but you know what, the year is nearly over and there is nought we can do about it except look forward to the  new one. If the year at your place was a special one, congratulations, enjoy it, if not, then at least it's nearly over and that in itself will be something to celebrate.

Of course in the big picture, we have all had a wonderful year have we not? No one bombed us, no one took our land off us, we and our families had plenty to eat, a bed to sleep in and the safety and    freedom afforded to us by the best country in the world. As we sit down to enjoy Christmas it is timely to let go of all our first world problems and give thanks to whichever god you believe in that we have the amazing good fortune to live where we live

Best wishes and safe travels from all of us in the Planfarm team. We hope you have the pleasure of the company of friends and family at Christmas and that one of your New Year's resolutions is to take up the opportunities on offer in the vital and vibrant industry of agriculture in Australia

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