Farm Advisory Boards

How do you ensure the best decisions are being made on the farm?

How do you empower and mentor the future generation of farmers?

Does everyone in the business feel they are getting their views heard?

Is communication a problem within your family/farm business?

If these questions are difficult for you to answer, or you haven't been able to address them, then maybe a change in structure could help your business both in the short and long term.  A Farm Advisory Board may be just what you need.

A small but growing number of farm businesses in Western Australia are adopting such boards as a means of improving communication, giving some structure to decision making processes, forcing themselves to think strategically, focusing on financial performance, building the knowledge and capacity of the next generation and for many taking the pressure off them as sole decision makers.

Contact the experts in this field from Planfarm who can guide you through a proven process and provide examples of how it has progressed many farming operations in Western Australia already.

For further information and to help you partner with the most appropriate Planfarm consultant to guide your business through this journey contact Cameron Weeks on (08) 9284 1044.

Grain Marketing

Our objective at Planfarm Marketing is to add value to our clients business. We do this by working with our clients to maximise returns from grain sales while minimising production risk, price risk and financial stress. We also work diligently to reduce the amount of time and effort our clients spend marketing grain, freeing them up to focus on other important areas, such as farming and family.

Some of the services we offer, such as grain brokerage and swaps management, produce an obvious financial benefit to the client, but there are also many non-monetary benefits that we provide to our clients. These include:

  • Creating and implementing a marketing strategy tailored to each business
  • Actively monitoring sales and production levels
  • Performing all required administration
  • Providing a second opinion to help take the emotion out of what is always an emotionally charged decision.

While we don't profess to be able to predict the direction of the market, we do promise to strive to achieve the best result for our clients given the information at hand on the day.

Contact one of our Grain Marketers to discuss your Grain Marketing.

Research and Extension

Western Australia’s agricultural sector is one of the most progressive, varied and unique landscapes in the world. Therefore, Planfarm treats every project it delivers and manages as unique.

Planfarm’s team is based in regional Western Australia and has a great affiliation with the industry. This, combined with our professional experience, sees us completing many successful projects where we meet the needs of funding partners and the unique requirements of farms.

Planfarm has experience in benchmarking and economic analysis; grower group development; project development and management; extension, communication and leadership. Each project is designed in cooperation with the client and managed according to project specifications to ensure completion on time and on budget.

Planfarm has a long history of delivering unique projects involving:

  • Economic analysis
  • Agronomic trials
  • Farming system development and analysis
  • Extension and communication.

Skills within Planfarm include:

  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Project evaluation
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Extension and adoption plans
  • Communication planning
  • On-farm trials
  • Product trials
  • Change management, communication and people management training.

As well as managing and carrying out specific projects, Planfarm consultants have been unique and valuable contributors to larger projects where the consulting experience and knowledge is valued. This has frequently been a cost effective way to get the required input on a ‘part-time’ basis.

For more information about how Planfarm can help you, contact your local office to speak to our consultants in Geraldton, Narrogin, Northam and Wembley about project management and comprehensive farm business analysis.


Planfarm offers independent agronomic advice to farms of all sizes throughout Western Australia. We have more than 40 years of experience in the Wheatbelt region, and our expert agronomists are committed to helping our clients maximise profits while minimising risks.

Our farm agronomists can offer unbiased advice and recommendations on all aspects of your agricultural business, with a focus on profit and risk management rather than just maximising yield. Our whole farm approach covers all areas of your business, including:

  • Crop nutrition
  • Independent nitrogen models
  • Integrated weed and pest management
  • Paddock zoning
  • Paddock planning reports
  • Pasture management
  • Rotation solutions
  • Soil and tissue tests.

Our agronomists will stay in touch throughout the year, providing up-to-date agronomic information via text and fax to keep you updated with the latest seasonal concerns.

All Planfarm agronomists are accredited NULogic Advisers and members of the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (WA). Because we are not connected with chemical or fertiliser companies, you can trust that the advice we offer is impartial and tailored to the unique needs of your farm.

Contact us or your nearest Planfarm office in Geraldton, Narrogin, Northam or Wembley to speak to one of our agronomists about agronomic advice and other rural consulting services.

Farm Management Consulting

Running a farm is a complex business, where every decision you make can have a major impact on your future success. Planfarm offers expert farm consulting services across the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia to help you manage risks and achieve the greatest success in your agricultural business.

We offer our clients a comprehensive farm business analysis and advice, covering all relevant aspects from pastures, crops and livestock to finance, labour and technology. Our rural consulting specialists have decades of experience in the industry, and have helped farms of all sizes to prosper through droughts and floods, rising and falling markets and other difficult times.

When you choose Planfarm to help you manage your farm business, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of the local industry. Our dedicated specialists will always stay in touch to make sure your business is operating at its maximum potential in all seasons.

Our farm consulting plans are tailored to your unique needs, with a single, all-inclusive fee covering a wide range of services, including:

  • Financial management; a review of all your business finances and budget preparation / recommendations
  • Enterprise analysis; analyzing and comparing the profitability of the various farm enterprises
  • Conducting audits; audit farm performance against industry standards
  • Preparing reports; mid-year and end of season reports and as required
  • Benchmarking against competitors; a personalized assessment of where you are benchmarked in your region
  • Lease and purchase recommendations; a thorough analysis of lease and purchase options as they arise

Contact us to speak to one of our consultants today.