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Pictured on the Couper family farm, ‘Couper Brothers’, located in Dowerin. The Couper family partnered with Planfarm in 2013.

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Phone: 08 9284 1044

Level 4, Suites 17-19
92 Walters Drive
Osborne Park WA 6017

PO Box 1247
Osborne Park DC WA 6916


Phone: 08 9881 1422
Fax: 08 9881 4551

Unit 1, 2 Williams Road
Narrogin WA 6312

PO Box 1126
Narrogin WA 6312


Phone: 08 9622 8202
Fax: 08 9621 1062

100 Wellington Street
Northam WA 6401

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Unit 2, 65 Durlacher Street
Geraldton WA 6530

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Phone: 0427 728 566

3 Brockman Street
Manjimup WA 6258

PO Box 759
Manjimup WA 6258


Phone: 0429 811 244

75 Albany Highway
Albany WA 6330

PO Box 1413
Albany WA 6331


Phone: 0408 380 317


Pictured on the Couper family farm, ‘Couper Brothers’, located in Dowerin. The Couper family partnered with Planfarm in 2013.

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Client Testimonials

We’ve had the principal farm for 80 years and, like any business, you can get a little comfortable. Partnering with Planfarm gives us another perspective and allows smarter, independent decision making and analysis. We better understand the profit drivers in our business which has led to the opportunity to expand our operation via acquisition and lease.

– James and Margaret Couper

We moved from South Africa two years ago, as potato and summer crop farmers, broadacre grain and sheep was a whole new experience. My son JP has taken on the full responsibility of farming our farm after the loss of my husband in South Africa only weeks before we moved. Planfarm have been critical in strategic planning and educating us on Australian farming conditions and accessing and building historical production records. Planfarm is an important factor in our succession planning as our situation is not a simple, standard plan, their role is vital for our future as a young family.

– Samantha Van De Velde

We’ve partnered with Planfarm for three generations. They help to keep us level headed and to approach farm operations, succession planning and general business with a balanced view. They are a great sounding board for our ideas and bring many of their own to the table. Importantly, Planfarm’s historical records of the business allow us to review data and make informed decisions. I’ve also participated in Planfarm Academy which has been very beneficial.

– Paul Ward