Australian Farm Investment Management

Australian Farm Investment Management Pty Ltd (AFIM) manages Western Australian broadacre agricultural investments for institutional and sophisticated investors. AFIM is a majority owned subsidiary of Planfarm Pty Ltd.

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AFIM’s investment model provides investors with stable cash yields and long-term capital growth. A portfolio approach is employed to acquire parcels of land of an investment scale, diversified across all areas of the Western Australian wheatbelt region. Drawing on over 40 years of farm advisory, benchmarking and management experience at Planfarm Pty Ltd, AFIM currently manages funds on behalf of Australian and European pension funds.

Our experience and benchmarking data from top performing clients provide insights into critical success factors to ensure your farm investment is well managed from day one. Whether it is full management, under full contract or leasing, the management we put in place is tailored to meet your specific requirements and our national network allows us to source proven and reliable performing labour and contractors.

AFIM is an authorised representative of Augmentum Corporate Pty Ltd, which is the holder of Australian Financial Services License number 445570.

Current Farm Investment Opportunities

Own and Operate Farmland Investment Opportunity

AFIM is raising funds from institutional investors to invest in broad acre agriculture (wheat, barley, canola and sheep production) in the Western Australian Wheatbelt region. The investment seeks to capitalise on the relatively stable and high rates of return for farming in the region and the ongoing consolidation of family owned farmland assets in the region. The target return for the investment is a cash return of 10% and an IRR of 13.5%.

Own and Lease Farmland Investment Opportunity

In association with Stafford Capital Partners, AFIM manages farmland in the Western Australian Wheatbelt region which is leased to proven farmers. The target return for the investment is a cash return of 4.5% and an IRR of 8%. Stafford Capital Partners is a leading United Kingdom based private markets investment and advisory group with USD 7 billion under management.

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For more information visit the AFIM website, or get in contact with one of the AFIM Directors below.