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Introduction to Agronomy Course

A course dedicated to teaching the foundations of crop and pastural agronomy.


Pictured on the Ward family farm, ‘Harwood’, located in Wagin. The Ward family partnered with Planfarm in the early 1990s.

About the Introduction to Agronomy Course

In farming, as in business generally, assume nothing.

Developed by Planfarm’s blue-chip Agronomy team, the course ensures that students take a deep dive on the most critical aspects of this discipline and leave with a high level of both confidence and capability. Throughout your career in agriculture, you will be presented with a vast array of products, technology and advice that, without this course, you would have to taken as gospel. The Introduction to Agronomy course allows you to understand the science behind what you are seeing in the field and be able to make informed and independent decisions that will get the best results for your farm business.

This course is great for recent university and ag school graduates looking to improve their understanding of the principles of agronomy.

Is this course right for me?

If you have never been on the receiving end of any formal agronomy training or education, then this course is perfect for you. The Introduction to Agronomy course is suited to all ages, genders and abilities, from young to middle-aged farmer right through to full family groups, the benefits are amazing.

How is the course run?

Essentially, we have made the Introduction to Agronomy course easy to absorb. You will do most of the learning by watching videos on your computer or tablet at home – with two Q&A webinars along the way. You can choose to take this course at any time of the year or join the ‘live’ course that runs over four weeks with 12 video modules of 10 to 20 minutes each.

Course Curriculum

The Introduction to Agronomy course curriculum has been developed by our Planfarm agronomists, using their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the most important aspects of agronomy are covered.

Participant Testimonial

I primarily wanted to do [the Introduction to Agronomy course] so that I could be a bit more proactive in how I operate, so that I can stand alone a bit more, particularly with the spraying side of things. Probably one of the main things I got out of the course was timing – why we put the chemicals on, why we time for sowing, and also noting soil conditions. The online forum was certainly a lot more flexible, in fact, I did most of my modules while sitting on the sprayer!

– Hans Samuel

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Module 1: The Soil

Join Planfarm Agronomist, Richard Quinlan, who will provide a comprehensive overview of what makes up soil, plus some of the most common soil types found in agricultural Australia.

Consider Upgrading to the Advanced Agronomy Course

The Advanced Agronomy Course includes all 12 modules from this introductory course, plus another 17 modules that go deeper into each topic, as well as three Q&A webinars.

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Pricing: Family Farms

$715 for the first person. $110 per additional person from the same business (up to four). Prices include GST.

Introduction to Agronomy course – 1 person

One person from a family farm business.

$715 incl. GST


Introduction to Agronomy course – 2 people

Two people from a family farm business.

$825 incl. GST


Introduction to Agronomy course – 3 people

Three people from a family farm business.

$935 incl. GST


Introduction to Agronomy course – 4 people

Four people from a family farm business.

$1,045 incl. GST


Pricing: Students

Students are eligible for a 30% discount. This discount applies to individuals only. Proof of current enrolment at institution is required.

Introduction to Agronomy course – students

$500 incl. GST

Pricing: Ag Industry and Corporate Farms

$715 for the first person. Prices include GST. Group discounts apply for additional people:

2–10 people: 20% discount
11–20 people: 25% discount
21+ people: 30% discount

Please get in touch with the Planfarm team to enrol.

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